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Rosacea – FAQ


What is facial redness?

Erythema and telangictasia (tiny blood vessels).  At Laser Skin Technologies we use the latest ‘Red Light Laser’ technology.  This is an effective method of treatment to vaporate? the tiny blood vessels under the skin without damaging the skin and nearby tissues.  At Laser Skin Technologies all vein treatments are carried out by highly trained registered nurses with extensive medical training and backgrounds.

What causes rosacea?

There are many theories regarding the underlying causes of rosacea – none of which have been clinically proven.

It is widely recognised that rosacea maybe a vascular disorder because of it association to flushing redness and visible blood vessels.  There is also evidence to support the theory that rosacea is associated with a brain-gut disorder also therefore can be associated to stress.

Potential triggers of rosacea or exacerbation of symptoms can be sun exposure, the elements, emotional stress, certain skin care products and dietary factors.

Who gets rosacea?

Rosacea is more common than it may appear.  Around 1:10 people in New Zealand are thought to develop rosacea.  This is a large number, although a lot of cases are very mild, this tends to begin in the patients early 20’s.  Symptoms are widely reported between the 30’s and 40’s.  Women tend to be more affected by rosacea than men; however, it tends to be less severe in woman than in men.

Rosacea is more common in fair skinned people than in dark skin people.


Because rosacea varies substantially from one patient to another, often treatments must be tailored to the patient’s personal requirements.  At Laser Skin Technologies we offer different treatments from topical Laser Genesis treatment, through to oral medications to assist the skin systemically.

Results:  The results from Genesis Laser skin treatments have been widely successful.

When combined with an understanding of rosacea triggers, laser treatments, appropriate skin care products and mild medication use, the results we have seen for our patients have been outstanding.

Rosacea and Acne

Some rosacea sufferers not only experience the facial flushing, facial redness, thickening of the skin and eye problems such as dry eye.  But in many cases, patients experience ‘spots’ on the face or acne rosacea, this can look similar to acne.  However this is a different condition to acne vulgaris.  Rosacea acne presents as small lumpy red spot (papules) and small pustules on the face.  This can come and go for rosacea sufferers but for others this can be a permanent part of their rosacea symptoms.  Occasionally antibiotics can also help elevate symptoms.  At Laser Skin Technologies we will work with you to establish of this is a course of action which may be right for you.

How is rosacea diagnosed?

This happens by diagnosing the typical symptoms and its typical appearance on your face.