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Acne Treatments – FAQ

What is acne?

The cause of acne is quite simple, as is its prevention and cure for the great majority of people. The skin is made up of two layers. The deep layer, known as the dermis, is the foundation of the skin, made up of mostly fibrous tissue and contains the blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, sweat glands, oil (sebaceous) glands and other support structures of the skin. Think of the dermis as being like the foundations of a house, made of concrete, lies under the walls of the house and contains all the plumbing services.

The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis and consists of layer upon layer of skin cells held together by a type of glue. The cells move from the bottom to the top. As they move they progressively flatten and become more hair or fingernail like in quality (they are said to become cornified) and eventually fall off as dead skin cells. Think of the outer layer of the skin as being like the bricks in the wall of a house except that the bricks are created at the bottom of the wall, gradually rise to the top, getting thinner as they move and eventually falling off.

A hair follicle does not necessarily have hair growing out of it. The greatest numbers of hair follicles per square centimetre of anywhere on your body are on your face. Every hair follicle has an oil gland associated with it that produces oil to lubricate the skin and hair. People with acne do not necessarily produce more oil than those without acne.

What are the causes of acne?

The principal cause of acne is obstruction of the opening (called a pore) of a hair follicle by dead skin cells and oil from the oil gland. The oil gland continues to produce oil causing either the hair follicle to swell resulting in small cysts (closed or open Comedos) or the oil gland to swell and rupture which releases oil and dead cells in to the dermis. The dermis does not like oil and dead cells and sets up an inflammatory reaction (inflammation = redness and swelling) and then bacteria in the hair follicle create infection which causes the white of the acne pustule.

If dead skin cells held together by a type of glue obstructing the outlet of the oil gland is the cause of acne, it follows that softening that glue and removing the dead skin cells should cure the acne and prevent new lesions from forming.

What is the best acne treatment?

Laser Skin Technologies uses the acne treatment program developed by Doctor Douglas Grose in Australia.

Using a combination of skin care products which softens the glue obstructing the outlet of the oil gland, and then removing the dead skin cells plus deep cleaning of the skin and further removal of dead skin cells with microdermabrasion, we have been able to achieve very rapid and dramatic improvement in acne – usually clearing up the majority of lesions within three months.

What can make acne worse?

It is important to understand that several things can aggravate acne. Firstly, creams and oils applied to the skin only increase the amount of oil in the skin and aggravate the blockage of the pores. If you don’t believe this, try putting a thick cream on the face of a person with acne for a few days and see what happens to their skin. People with acne in general terms should not use creams or oils on their skin, other than as directed by staff at Laser Skin Technologies. Use Gel based sun blocks not creams, lotions or milks.

Most cosmetic foundations consist of particles suspended in a cream base. The cream is bad for acne but the particles are also bad as they enter the open pores and add to the dead skin cell plug obstructing the pore. If you want to get rid of your acne you have to stop covering it with make up. Once your skin has cleared of acne you can use a light powder which is brushed on, but in general terms people with acne prone skin should avoid makeup unless absolutely necessary. Never ever go to sleep with makeup on. Remember, with the program developed by Doctor Douglas Grose most will clear within ninety days so you won’t need to wear camouflaging makeup anyway.