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This is highly prevalent in New Zealand due to high UV ratings and exposure.

We are most commonly asked about sun spots, age spots, melasma and seborrhoeic keratosis.

We treat these either singularly or with a combination of Laser (Cutera Cool Glide Excel HR), Chemical Peels and take home topical skincare.

Sun Spots

Sun spots and freckles will lighten with reduced sun exposure, and it is important to wear SPF50 UVA/UVB protection throughout the year.

Age Spots:

Known as Solar Lentigo/Lentigines, these are larger, flatter dark spots that appear in middle age and are a result of cumulative sun exposure, however will not lighten with reduced exposure to the sun.

Seborroeic Keratosis:

Have a dark and scaly appearance and are larger, they will need to be checked by a doctor pre-treatment to ascertain they are non-cancerous.

Melasma (Chloasma):

Unlike the previous pigmentations, melasma is located deep in the layers of the skin- this makes it a very stubborn condition to treat.

It is more common in darker skin types and more prevalent in women than men. It presents as brown, blotchy pigmentation on the face- especially the forehead, cheeks and upper lips.

There is a hormonal component to Melasma, so birth control and pregnancy may contribute to the condition.

Ongoing UVA/UVB protection is essential for all of these skin conditions.