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Skin Needling – M pen

What is it?  This used for biostimulation microneedling which significantly increases the transepidermal delivery of the chosen cosmeceutical for your skin concerns. This means the product is easily absorbed through the top layers of the skin which are ‘tougher’ due to your skin dealing with day to day assaults i.e environmental factors like pollution, make up layers, sunscreen, natural oils released from the skin.

The procedure:
This treatment requires no ‘numbing of the skin’ –

  • Stimulates fibroblasts and production of elastin and collagen
  • Activates your skin and repair mechanisms to create new growth
  • Reduces the appearance of expression lines and pore size
  • Improves appearance of scarring and stretch marks
  • Improves skin firmness

We can treat the face and decolletage and back of hands with the M pen.

Post Care:

  • You will leave with your skin looking Red/Sunburnt
  • There is a post care procedure to follow and a post treatment pack to purchase for $45. This provides gentle skin care and assists your skin’s recovery.
  • Your prescribing Nurse will talk through your options depending on what products you have for home care.

Following home care procedures will help with your outcome and manage your aftercare results.

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