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Milia Removal / Extraction

A Milium Cyst is a small white bump that typically appears on the eyelids and cheeks.

These cysts occur when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a protein that is typically found in the hair, nails and skin. This is often caused by the use of incorrect skin care, cosmetics or long-term sun damage.

Milia are very small; they are dome shaped and usually white or yellow in colour. They are not painful or itchy.

Treating Milia

Treatment is simple and quick with minimal discomfort. This is done by deroofing the Milia with a sterile needle which is used to pick out the contents of the cyst. To help stop the re-occurrence of Milia cysts, some medications such as topical retinoids / vitamin A creams can be used. Chemical Peels and Laser ablation may also be appropriate.

All Consultations are done by Registered Nurse Cosmetic Specialists, where this will help determine the best treatment and outcome for your skin.