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Mary’s Transformation

Mary came into Laser Skin technologies for treatment to smooth her facial wrinkles.

She had been thinking for some time that her age was showing and a mouth lift and brow lift might be the answer. Some of her friends were telling her she looked tired and grumpy.

At forty, she felt like 100 and was unhappy.

The problem – facial wrinkles

Mary sat down in front of the mirror with her Skin Technologies consultant and explained what bothered her about her face.

“My friends say I look tired and unhappy even when I know I am feeling fine”. She thought it was because she was always frowning. “I also have a fold from my nose to the edges of my mouth, I feel as though my cheeks are falling down”.

Mary wanted to fix these problems she had. However she needed to know that she was being treated with top quality products by very experienced professionals. She also wanted to be treated as an individual to ensure time was taken to get the best result.

She asked if we thought filler would help.

Mary’s options

The reason is that frowning is caused by the muscles between the eyes working hard. Wrinkle reduction treatment help to relaxe the muscles which means that you feel as though you are frowning but actually you are not. The result is a fresh look eliminating the tired and grumpy appearance. The area from the nose to the edges of the mouth is most commonly treated with filler because filler replaces some of the collagen that is lost in the skin and therefore plumps out the creases.

The solution

The Laser Skin Technologies consultant ensured Mary was comfortable with us taking some photographs before her treatment, so that we could compare results and also make sure we achieved a good result for her. Mary was happy for us track her progress. We explained the after care available to her and made sure she felt comfortable to contact us at any time if she had any concerns. Mary was received wrinkle reduction  treatment to her frown lines and filler to the creases from nose to mouth.

Review progress

Two weeks later Mary visited Laser Skin Technologies again for a follow up consultation. Mary says of her first experience injectables at Laser Skin Technologies:

“I was so pleased with the treatment and the outcome. The staff were able to answer all the questions I had about wrinkle reduction and filler which really reassured me as I had never had anything done like this before. It was great that they took so much time to make sure they knew exactly what it was I wanted. When I had the treatment itself, it was done so slowly so it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I imagined. The outcome was such an amazing fresh look. My husband and friends couldn’t stop commenting on how great I looked. What I especially found good was the follow-up care and calls of support that the staff gave me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone. The products used feel so natural once in place and the results fabulous”.

NB: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our Skin Technologies client.

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