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Customer Feedback for our skin care clinic

View what customers are saying about our skin care clinic, if you would like to feature your testimonial here, please contact Laser Skin Technologies.

Caitlin’s feedback

Love this place! Janine is just an absolute angel and will make you feel so comfortable and loved whatever procedure you are getting!

Sue’s feedback

Hi Janine
I just wanted to say Thank you.
You are so understanding to my needs and careful and caring about how you do things. I really appreciate your work and am rapt with my results! I love the fact that only I can see the difference as that is what matters to me.
Thank you so much.
Kind Regards


Tista’s feedback

“I initially went to see Janine because I was suffering from acne scarring and continuing breakouts. The peels I received seriously improved my skin to the stage where I no longer have any acne scarring visible. This has led me to other skin rejuvenation treatments which have all had a very positive effect on my skin. I love going there as I know I will get an honest opinion on what steps I need to go through to get the results I want.”


Amber’s feedback


I just wanted to say thank you for my last appointment. The results were better than I expected. The venous lake disappeared entirely after about 10 days and all the red spots and the mole on my neck also disappeared!


Courtney’s feedback

Hi Janine!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lip top up!
I’m so so so happy with the results! They are exactly what I wanted, so thank you!

Sophie’s skin rejuvenation

“I went to laser skin technologies because I was unhappy about my skin, I wanted to decrease the redness of my skin and also reduce the size of my pores. I have now had several skin rejuvenation treatments and my skin is amazing, the redness has reduced significantly and my pores are almost invisible. The nurses there are really helpful and honest and will only suggest procedures that are right for your skin. If you are unhappy about your skin I would highly recommend paying them a visit ” Sophie

Jack shares his new lease on life

Since his late teens Jack has wanted to permanently remove the hair on his back. Most of his life he has had a very hairy back. It has made him very self-conscious and reluctant to go to the beach or take his shirt off on a hot day until he discovers laser hair removal.
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Mary’s transformation

Mary came into Laser Skin technologies for a consultation for Wrinkle Reduction and Fillers. She had been thinking for some time that her age was showing in the lines around her mouth which seemed to get deeper by the month, and some of her friends were telling her she looked tired and grumpy. At forty, she felt like 100 and was unhappy.
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Fiona’s experience

Fiona came to Laser Skin Technologies three months before she was to be married. She was suffering from quite severe outbreaks of Acne. Fiona had been to many places to try to get her Acne under control , but had not managed to clear it.The nurses at Laser Skin Technologies consulted with Fiona about her general health  Ance history. They suggested some topical scrub and a series of Medical Microdermabrasions. After only two treatments Fiona’s skin was beginning to heal and new breakouts became less frequent.
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